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The Future Is Riding on Transit

About Us

The Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee serves as a forum for businesses, communities, government agencies, non-profits, and citizens to educate, empower, and advocate for comprehensive regional transit solutions.

Be a Transit Advocate

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Growth without transit is growth without a plan.

It is important that we have a transit plan that helps us preserve what we love about Middle Tennessee, even as we grow.

A robust transit system:

  • Reduces congestion

  • Better connects us to daily needs from doctors’ appointments to grocery stores to job opportunities.

  • Gives us a choice--freedom of movement

The Transit Alliance has spent more than 15 years building a regional coalition focused on establishing dedicated funding for public transit. Learn more about how you can be an advocate for action.

Why Dedicated Funding?

Transit is severely underfunded across Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Peer cities like Austin, Charlotte, Birmingham, and Columbus are outspending us. 

Transit Alliance’s goal is to close the funding gap by amplifying pro-transit voices, building momentum for future connectivity and transit funding. 


It’s time to Mind the Gap.

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Get on Board

Our award-winning educational workshop series to build transit champions

Community engagement sessions to connect with residents, understand challenges, and identify solutions

Studies, plans, and resources to get smart and be an advocate for action

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