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The Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee works with contributors, community officials and regional leaders to build support for funding regional transit in Middle Tennessee. Our purpose is to educate, empower and mobilize policy to serve our entire region.

Our Mission

The Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to build support for funding regional transit by mobilizing community leadership.

The Alliance

Educates alliance-educated constituencies about the need for funding a regional multi-modal transportation system.

Empowers the alliance community and organizational leaders with tools to be champions for a transportation system with dedicated funding.

Mobilizes individuals and regional networks to support legislative action related to dedicated funding for transportation.

Our History​

In April 2009, a group of leaders from Nashville and Middle Tennessee visited Denver, Colorado, as a part of an inter-city visit arranged by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.  A focus of that visit was mass transit in the Denver region including a look at the Denver region’s Transit Alliance, a model for similar groups around the nation. Parallel to the creation of the Transit Alliance was the creation of a Denver region Mayors Caucus bringing together for the first time the elected leaders of the counties and cities of the Denver area to seek consensus on regional issues, including the development of mass transit options.

Upon returning to Nashville, the elected officials and other leaders on the Denver visit quickly committed to the creation of both a Mayors Caucus and a Transit Alliance for Middle Tennessee.  Mayor Jo Ann Graves, City of Gallatin, became the first chair of the Mayors Caucus.  Charles Bone from Sumner County was the first chair and Ed Cole from Davidson County was the first executive director of the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee.  In late 2009, the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee was formally established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Since 2009, the Transit Alliance has been working to build support for funding regional transit by mobilizing community leadership by educating and empowering communities to efficiently and effectively make policy decisions that serve their local purpose and fit within the context of the region.

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