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The Future is Riding on Transit

The Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee is guided by a mission to educate, empower, and advocate for multi-modal regional transit solutions. Through events and educational workshops, we convene thought leaders and community organizations across the mid-state.  


Our goal is to ensure all residents have a voice in shaping and benefiting from transit, from greater access to WeGo bus stations, to improved walkability with more sidewalks, to shorter commutes with adaptive signal control.


We believe that Middle Tennessee’s 10-county region can and should be connected through safe, reliable, sustainable transit.   


Davidson County’s transit referendum is an important, essential first step toward greater connectivity for the region, and will give us a roadmap for what transit can look like for our region. 


Our region is at an inflection point. Help us shape future connectivity for the mid-state because the future is riding on it. 

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