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2022 Annual Report

Dear Friends and Champions,

Dive into our annual report! Take a journey with us through a shared vision for tomorrow. In a region marked by relentless growth, our actions today reflect the theme: “The Future is Riding on Transit.”

The spotlight has returned to transit and mobility, casting renewed hope for the future of transit and mobility investments. It’s a future where conversations transition from promises into commitments, as new leadership has vowed to secure dedicated funding for transit and promote regional collaboration.

The renewed momentum fuels our hope for a transformative shift in transit and mobility. Yet, hope alone cannot create change. The urgency to act, to encourage leadership to invest in a future that centers transit and mobility for equitable access to opportunity takes center stage. We hope you join us.

We have taken the results of our Strategic Plan to heart. Immediately, we got to work on a new program we launched in 2023: Transit Together; our ongoing public listening sessions have provided platforms for voices to rise while offering insights into preferred mobility infrastructure investments.

Our work as a central connector for Connect Mid-TN has kept organizations and businesses in a dynamic coalition since 2018.

Our efforts are fortified by the Transit Citizen Leadership Academy’s over 550 regional alumni. These individuals, equipped with a deep understanding of the importance of dedicated funding, stand as a testament to our grassroots strength.

Our position in the landscape is unique. As a pivotal partner, we can assist leaders and stakeholders in plotting the trajectory toward critical dedicated transit for funding. The future stretches out before us, an expanse of potential, and our resolve to expand our efforts includes nurturing existing relationships, broadening and cultivating new sponsorships, and extending our programs.

“The Future Is Riding on Transit” is not just a statement—it’s a conviction. It’s a declaration that the course we set today defines our identity and priorities as our region surges forward. Investing in transit is investing in every individual’s access to opportunity. As you turn the pages of this report, consider this your call to action. Join us in crafting a future of equitable access, sustainability, and thriving communities. Embrace the theme that unites us all, and together, let’s propel Middle Tennessee toward a future we’re proud to call our own.

With purpose and determination,

Jessica Dauphin, President and CEO
Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee

2021 Annual Report

Thank you, Transit! Public transit is the foundation of a thriving city and we wish to thank the public transit agencies of Middle Tennessee for keeping us riding–no matter what. View our 2021 Annual Report for more information.

2020 Annual Report

Building community. Building value. The Transit Alliance is more committed than ever to meeting its mission of building support for funding transit in the Middle Tennessee region. Our ambitious work throughout 2020 is a testament to that commitment. For many, it took a global pandemic to truly illustrate the essential role public transit plays in our daily lives. Transit is the bedrock of a thriving region, prosperous economy, sustainable environment, and access to opportunities. Read more about the work of the Transit Alliance in our 2020 Annual Report.

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