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Strategic Plan: a Path to New Potential

After months of research, stakeholder discussions, and a global pandemic, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Transit Alliance’s new strategic plan for 2022-27.

This plan illuminates a path forward for the Transit Alliance to realize new potential.

The research and stakeholder engagement revealed that Middle Tennessee needs the Transit Alliance now more than ever!

Relying on the Alliance’s past 14 years of programs, projects, and partnerships, this plan sets a clear path for the Alliance to leverage its strengths to address emergent transportation issues and lead the region toward more innovative, more inclusive growth that would allow more residents to gain access to better jobs and ease the constraints of congestion.

The Frist Foundation funded this process–thank you! The Greater Nashville Regional Council conducted all the research, stakeholder engagement, and board facilitation. So, we know it is thorough and reliable. Thank you to everyone who helped bring this plan to reality.


The strategic plan establishes the following as a map for the Alliance to accomplish in the next five years to maximize our reach and resources:

  • four pillars for success

  • five overarching strategic priorities

  • nine critical actions


We at the Transit Alliance are eager to write a new chapter for our communities. We are focused on co-creating a bright future with communities across the region.

We will . . .

  • Work to build a more comprehensive network of partnerships by leveraging existing relationships and fostering new ones.

  • Step into a more significant leadership role in the region to better support communities and decision-makers in optimizing the growth potential.

  • Create more forums for meaningful conversations by establishing safe and authentic spaces to explore new ideas and possibilities.

  • Provide more tools for advocacy and impact.

  • Earn the trust necessary to be the voice for advocacy in Middle Tennessee.

  • Aim to champion accountability so that regional leaders, businesses, and residents understand the value of investing in transit infrastructure and feel empowered to make the decisions and implement those investments so everyone benefits.


The dedication of our board and stakeholders as we developed this plan has been impressive and speaks to the urgent mobility needs of regional businesses and communities.

Middle Tennessee needs the Alliance, and we need you. We count on the support of our partners and communities to move this ambitious plan forward.

We will need talented, committed people from across the region to learn more and advocate locally. We will require deep partnerships with others who share our vision of a Middle Tennessee connected by a complete, equitable, efficient, and sustainable transportation network.

Implementing our new, ambitious strategic priorities means you can contribute your passion and creativity to help us realize them. More than ever, leadership for active transportation and infrastructure investment is critical for our region’s continued progress toward greater life satisfaction for residents, including health, access to jobs, education, prosperity, and equity.

The Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee is well-positioned to deliver on the strategic plan’s path to success. Thank you for your continued dedication and collaboration as we further our vision of seeking dedicated funding for transit in Middle Tennessee.

Background on the Plan

As you review the plan, you may feel inspired and
motivated to join in the work with us.

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