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Protect What Matters: Introduction

We can create a virtuous cycle in transit: fund public transit services, better funding equals improved services and leads to increased ridership, improved ridership leads to more funding, more funding leads to enhanced services, enhanced services leads to increased ridership, etc.

How do we get there from here? By working together!

Advocates, like you, build support and momentum for prioritizing transit.

Why does it seem public transportation isn’t working for our region?

Today, transit in the Nashville area suffers from years of inadequate funding that meant inadequate services for a region our size. This means there’s been a lack of access to reliable, efficient, and affordable transportation for many.


Years of poor and inadequate funding for public transit. With more recent years, 2018-2020, seeing actual disinvestment from our local transit agency, WeGo Public Transit. For a city of our size, the transit system struggles to keep pace with demand because there is no dedicated funding source and the city grapples with competing priorities, like public education, safety, and health.

This has created an unfortunate cycle: poor funding means less than ideal service means riders and potential riders must find alternatives, and gives the impression that public transit is not worth our collective investment because “no one rides the bus!”

You can help!

Advocates are people like you who support riders, support implementing/passing supportive zoning and land-use policies, and push for dedicated funding for a transit system that is safe, reliable, frequent, accessible, and equitable.

Whether it’s the economy, personal health, the environment, or equity, improving and enhancing public transit services is the most important investment we can make today.

It’s time to prioritize transit–especially transit funding.

Keep clicking through this Advocacy Tool for more information and resources to help you on your journey as a Transit Advocate and together we can Protect What Matters!

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