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Protect What Matters: Other Resources

Data & Interactive Tools

Data is crucial in terms of making informed decisions and for making the case for transit funding. Click through these links to find interesting data and interactive tools (be warned, those who like maps and models could be here a while).


To find great local data, check the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) at This is also the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). This organization is important because they are federally mandated to create a 25-year transportation plan for the region that basically becomes the regional guide for funding transportation projects.

They are creating a 25-year plan right now called the Unified Transportation Plan. You can click through that at

History of Nashville Neighborhoods

For an historical look at how transportation projects have affected Nashville communities, check in on the interactive map and story tool supported by the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

This tool illustrates the importance of transit projects and community involvement.


The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), uses information, technology, and data to promote more livable and sustainable urban communities.

One of their most reliable tools for transportation data is their AllTransit tool. Another neat interactive tool is the Housing + Transportation Index. This gives an overview of the combined affordability of housing plus transportation.

Urban Institute

The Urban Institute is doing critical research combining equity and transportation.

In 2020, they published Access to Opportunity through Equitable Transportation, this report is based on four case studies of US cities: Baltimore, Lansing, Nashville, and Seattle.

The companion interactive data tool looks at the Unequal Commute and what that means for cities and regions.

Local organizations

Helpful resources for learning about local concerns and volunteering opportunities.

WeGo Public Transit

On the WeGo Public Transit website, you can find bus maps and schedules as well as important news. You can get assistance purchasing a bus pass, plan the best route for your destination, or schedule a travel trainer to help you and your office navigate the bus system. Also, we encourage you to follow them on social media @wegotransit for up-to-date information.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward is actively helping to find mobility solutions for our region. They produce deep-dive reports and other helpful tools. The most recent report, the Regional Coordination Study, compared and contrasted seven regions of comparable size and populations to Nashville in terms of regional transit.

Civic Design Center

The Civic Design Center is working to engage communities to shape a more thoughtful design of the city. Through educational programming, internships, community events, and publications, the Civic Design Center is creating change beautifully.


Connect Mid TN (CM-T) is a diverse group of organizations and businesses that value enhanced transportation options for all. If you are interested in becoming a member, click here.

Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce works to drive economic development through better support of community leadership.


The People’s Alliance for Transit, Housing, and Employment (PATHE) is working to preserve Nashville neighborhoods and affordability by advocating for affordable housing, a living wage, and accessible transit.


Transit Now Nashville (TNN) is working to grow transit culture through educational events that take the mystery out of riding transit. Their mission is to engage the Nashville community to promote a vibrant public transit system.

Urban Housing Solutions

Urban Housing Solutions develops and manages affordable housing for Nashville’s workforce and low-income residents. As the city continues to grow, housing affordability has increasingly become a primary concern. This organization is working to build attractive and affordable housing so that those working in Nashville can afford to live in Nashville.


The Urban League of Middle Tennessee (ULMT) is a historic civil-rights community organization. Through numerous programs, ULMT works to help African Americans and others in underserved communities reach their highest true social parity, economic self-reliance, power, and civil rights.


Walk Bike Nashville (WBN) is working to build a more walkable, bikable, and livable Nashville. Through community organizing, advocacy, and cycling safety classes they build support for sidewalks, bikeways, bicycling and pedestrian safety, and more.

Worker’s Dignity/MCRU

Worker’s Dignity organizes workers to advocate for living wages. One of their groups is made up of public transit riders, called Music City Riders United (MCRU). MCRU is a resource to advocate for better transit and riding conditions.

National Organizations

National organizations tend to focus on trends and federal funding levels, including advocating for increased federal funding for transit.


Working to build livable communities with transit. Excellent resource for webinars, conferences, and trends.


The American Public Transit Association (APTA) is a great resource for nearly anything pertaining to public transit. Most useful is their recently published report on the Economic Impact of Public Transit. It’s definitely worth a look to get the numbers and ROI public transit provides.

Bonus, check their Public Transportation Facts.


CityLab produces readable articles on topics that range from the environment to design and culture. Their transportation pieces can be particularly thought-provoking.

SmartGrowth America

SmartGrowth America is a national organization that lends support and guidance on better design and development.


Transportation 4 America advocates for smarter federal spending on transportation and transit. They produce reports and articles you can find on their website.

Transit Justice

There are many transit-supportive organizations working together to create a bold new vision and framework for America’s transit networks.

Organizations like Transportation4AmericaSmartGrowth AmericaRiders Alliance (NY), and others have been working on a document that outlines what an equitable and justice-oriented system would look like. You can read their Transit Justice Principles.

Federal Policies and Transit Funding


The FAST Act stands for ‘Fixing America’s Surface Transportation’ and is a federal funding program that funds advanced transportation and congestion management technologies deployment. Expires in September 2021.

Biden’s American Jobs Plan

Not law just yet, but making its way through Congress.

A new Infrastructure Bill

Not law yet. Just began critical conversations to begin movement through Congress.

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