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Bus Operators are Essential Workforce

The days of ‘business as usual’ have been paused indefinitely as we navigate the COVID-19 global pandemic as a city, state, country, and as individuals. 


We are in this together and we will get through this together. 


We do the best we can to continue showing up for our jobs, our kids, and our networks where we can even though we don’t know what news is coming next. One thing we can count on? 


Public transit. 


The Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee has partnered with Transit Now Nashville to show appreciation for this essential frontline workforce. Together, these organizations are fundraising to bring 450 lunches to the incredible people keeping us connected with a smile–even from behind a mask. We are deeply grateful for their abilities and work ethic. 




WeGo Public Transit, the local transit agency in Nashville and the regional transit provider for Middle Tennessee, has continued to work diligently to provide safe and reliable transportation services to essential workforce employees as well as residents who need access to the essentials like groceries and healthcare appointments. 


This fact is not lost on us. We know and understand the essential nature of mobility and transportation. We also understand the great risk these bus operators, maintenance crews, and janitorial staff assume as they provide this essential service everyday. 


Right now, WeGo team members are concerned with providing the safest possible service. So, they change the bus air filter more often. They spend more time cleaning and disinfecting between routes. These enhanced protocols are critical and time consuming, but prioritizing the health and well-being of bus operators and transit riders is what WeGo does best. 


And right now, we are concerned with showing appreciation for all the men and women who show up everyday helping to keep our city and region connected in a time of crisis. 


We see you. We appreciate you. 


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