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Franklin Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire

The importance of strong regional vision and leadership in shaping the future of Middle Tennessee cannot be overstated. Additionally, the vision and leadership of our transportation and mobility infrastructure remain vital to economic and environmental progress and sustainability. 


The City of Franklin is one of Middle Tennessee’s fastest-growing cities and an economic anchor with numerous corporate headquarters. To gain valuable insights into the perspectives of the mayoral candidates vying to lead Franklin and, by extension, the region, we took the initiative to send out a comprehensive six-question questionnaire. 


We are thrilled to share the responses from the only candidate that responded. Mayor Ken Moore has graciously participated in this important dialogue. Read on and explore his vision for a more connected and accessible Franklin. 🛣️🏙️ #FranklinElections #MayoralQuestionnaire #TransportationVisions 


Q 1: A city growing as fast as Franklin demands a vision for mobility. What is your vision for the City of Franklin’s mobility over the next 5-10 years? What are the key investments to improve mobility and keep pace with growth? 

MKM: The answer is about more options. This includes community design, sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, roadway projects. With the Transportation Modernization Act, there will be additional opportunities to create addition options and complete projects that are on the list plus more mass transit options. 


Q 2: In what ways could the City of Franklin leverage mobility infrastructure development as a catalyst for economic development in our community? 

MKM: We already lead in Adaptive Signal control, signal timing, and multimodal options. We just need to expand the options moving forward. 


Q 3: Long commutes and traffic congestion can negatively impact Q2economic productivity and personal well-being. How do you plan to address these issues? 

MKM: We continue to create more transportation options for our citizens. 


Q 4: Many major cities are investing in eco-friendly transportation options like electric buses and bike lanes. Do you think the City of Franklin should explore similar initiatives? 

MKM: We already do sidewalks and bike lanes with all road projects. 


Q 5: Access to reliable transportation is crucial for all residents, especially those in school or aging in place. How do you plan to ensure public transit improvements benefit all community members, including special populations such as the elderly or disabled? 

MKM: Our Franklin Transit does an excellent job of offering opportunities for transportation for the disabled, medical visits, the aged, mobility challenged, and students. 


 Q 6: Transportation infrastructure often extends beyond city boundaries, impacting the entire region. How do you envision the City of Franklin working with neighboring communities and regional authorities to ensure the success of critical transportation initiatives that benefit the broader area? 

MKM: We currently work with RTA and are locating a new park-and-ride lot in the near future. 


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