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In the Region: Lebanon

It is the mission of the Transit Alliance to build support for regional transit solutions. Strengthening the regional community is our goal–a connected region is a strong region. 

Just before the Holiday Break, the Transit Alliance had the pleasure of presenting to the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce


It was a stunning winter’s day at Five Oaks Golf Club & Country Club


It’s such a pretty place looking out from the balcony. Is it really any wonder why the Middle Tennessee region is one of the most desirable places to live, work, and play? 


The Lebanon Chamber members were warm and welcoming, full of questions, ideas, and ready to hear more about transportation solutions for the region. 


The audience was also treated by the most up-to-date information from Mayor Randall Hutto, Wilson County. Mayor Hutto was generous enough to share his more robust knowledge of some of the regional transportation and transit issues given his position as mayor, Chair of WeGo (Regional Transit Authority) , and as an active member on the Greater Nashville Regional Council’s Transportation Policy Board.  Mayor Hutto is also on the board of the Transit Alliance


Thank you to our gracious hosts and Lebanon Chamber leadership and members: 

(l to r): Melanie Minter, President of Lebanon Chamber of Commerce; Jeff Peterson, Vice Chair, Lebanon Chamber Economic Development; Jessica Dauphin, President & CEO of Transit Alliance; Rick Bell, History Professor at Cumberland University; and Andrea Wilke, VP Operations for Lebanon Chamber of Commerce 

Bonus: there were several TCLA Alumni present:  


(l to r): Rick Bell (Class 15), Jessica Dauphin, Jason Loggins (Class 10) 

Afterward, we visited Hamilton Springs-Tennessee’s first Transit-Oriented Development for a cup of coffee. 


The neighborhood is simply gorgeous: Thoughtfully designed streetscapes and a new WeGo Star Train Station! 

We can’t wait to return to Wilson County and Lebanon. 


In the meantime, we look forward visiting more regional communities to discuss the ever-growing need for improved, consistent, and efficient transit solutions. If you would like to invite the Transit Alliance to your group, please contact Alex Macias ( for more information. 


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