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TEDx Talk: What Matters Most

“Individual freedom is tied to Mobility.” President and CEO of the Transit Alliance, Jessica Dauphin, says in her debut TEDx Talk. 



Jessica Dauphin gives her TEDx Talk, “What Matters Most”, on November 21, 2020. 

In the 12 minute video, Dauphin makes the case as to why transit is what matters most to a city growing like Nashville. 


Data demonstrates that bold investments in transit reduce congestion, mobility costs for consumers, and greenhouse gas emissions.  It’s logical to believe that improving and investing in better public transit would address many of the issues Middle Tennesseans face today. 


The current state of our transit system does not reflect our citizens, businesses, and communities’ needs for safe, reliable, and convenient public transportation. It is underfunded leaving too many residents reliant on a transit system with infrequent, inconvenient, and unreliable service. 


Public transit intersects with many issues. Through intentional planning and investments in public transit, our region could address inequitably resourced neighborhoods and economic participation, build a more sustainable environment, improve public health, and affordability. 


“A better way is not out of reach. We just have to agree to reach for it [the transit solution].” 


The original video aired on Saturday, November 21, 2020. This was published by TEDx Talks to their Youtube channel in early December. 


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