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What’s Nashville’s Next Move?

The growth of the Greater Nashville area hits pre-pandemic levels. From Forbes’ ranking Nashville’s commuter experience as the WORST in the nation to ULI ranking Nashville as the #1 Market to Watch to being listed in the top 10 in Redfin’s “Housing Migration Trends,” no matter which angle you view it: Nashville still has ‘it!” 


What will we do with ‘it?’ People still turn to Nashville for a place to live, work, and play. Now what? 


Recent reports and recommendations from Mayor O’Connell’s transition committees might be a hint. View the infographic from the Nashville Moves committee. Spoiler alert: it recommends heading to a transit funding referendum in November 2024! 


We think it could be a good idea. Recent wins for transit funding on the ballot nationwide illustrate that 2024 is worth considering. Even experts are saying this could be the year. Adding urgency to the issue is our housing and affordability crisis. Cumberland Region Tomorrow recently hosted the Power of Ten, a regional conference on best practices in regional growth. 


There, author Shane Phillips pleaded that Nashville learn from their mistakes. “Do not be like Los Angeles.” his slide read as he shared the morality tale of doing nothing. Decades ago, their population growth began. Rather than address it head-on, they essentially did nothing, and now they have nearly 60,000 people experiencing homelessness, and the median home price is $900,000. 


The moral of the story? Do something. Pretending that it isn’t happening will not reap favorable results. With nearly two decades of growth under our belt, it’s time that we decided to do something about transit, mobility, and infrastructure. 


The Alliance has nearly 600 Transit Citizen Leadership Academy alumni who are educated and empowered. We are part of a transit-supportive coalition of diverse businesses and organizations ready to plug in (Connect Mid-TN, CM-T)–talk to Jessica about joining. 


The people of Nashville are ready for action to address the mobility challenges we all face. Will we take the plunge in 2024? 


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